Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why "The Kane is Able" as my blog title?

I wanted to choose a blog title that was specific enough to say who I am and what I wanted to do on this blog, but general enough that I wasn't bound to stick to a specific topic.  "KaneIsAble" is my usual screen name for everything I'm involved in, but it was taken, so I had to use "The" Kane is Able. 


Why KaneIsAble if Kane isn't even my name? Kane is my middle name and my 5 year old son's name.  "NolanIsAble" doesn't sound quite as catchy.  So in place of "Kane" in the title, you could insert "Nolan", but in many ways you could also insert your name or any name because . . .


Anyone and everyone is "able" to do anything they put their mind to.  The "able" in the name, because of the inclusion of Kane, is, of course, a play on the words "able" and "Abel" (Cain's brother in the bible.)  So "able" can mean that I and Kane and anyone else are "able" - able to do anything and everything they strive to do.  Read as "Abel", KaneisAbel speaks to the duality in all of us and in all things.  Cain and Abel had the same parents (Adam and Eve) and therefore the same genes and upbringing, so they couldn't have been that different despite the one event Cain is notorious for.  So KaneIsAbel is a reference to the fact that there's good (and bad) in all of us, and hopefully more good than bad. 

So, hopefully, the name "KaneIsAble" is a reminder for us (and especially me) to strive for that good part of us, the best in us, so that we really can be "able" to do anything and everything good and worth doing.

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Kasey said...

Looks great!

I do wish you would take off the personal info of where we live and where you coach though and where we're from and all that stuff. I like the name and how you described it.

love you.